Thursday, 29 January 2009

My New Boyfriend

Everyday, when I am in the office, I take time at lunchtime to visit the horses at the farm down the lane. The farmer is about my age and has a job that affords him to be able to come home at lunchtime to quickly feed his chickens and gobble down a quick tuck. He’s like me with a soft touch for retired animals. His seems to be horses, whereas mine is more eclectic. He has them scattered everywhere. There’s everything from a pony no bigger than a lab retriever to a whole herd of semi-feral spotted ponies. There’s an old lad there however that has my heart, well and truly. He’s an old Shire horse with arthritis and a tattered horse blanket that is a permanent fixture. The poor old soul moves stiffly but with dignity. I imagine that he is an old cart horse that has had many a hard day of hauling heavy loads. Shires live for 30 to 50 years. There’s a pub at the end of the lane and an old mill. I fancy that he hauled for one of those. I truly have no idea!

I’ve discovered “horse carrots” and bought a huge bag of them for £2 at the local feed store. I keep them in the back seat of the car and always break a few up for the horses in the pasture closest to the lane. Two younger horses are kept in the same field as the old one and are quite cheeky. There’s lots of mud and water along the fence and he doesn’t trust his footing there. So the two feisty lads get their carrots toot sweet and then a I throw one at him so he can get it without being nudged and shoved.

His mane is almost three foot long, his hairs on his neck just about that long and his hooves are all over-grown with white fringe. His back makes a perfect crescent. But his eyes are sharp as is his hearing. He knows the word “carrot” and will come if I say, “Gee UP, laddy!” He’s stolen my heart. Plain and simple. My brown-eyed boy. Bless.


  1. Oh Susie I can understand you losing your heart to that Shire ~ They are such a beautiful animal ~ and I would imagine he appreciates the carrots you feed him :o) ~ Ally x

  2. Just wonderful Susie. I have a soft spot for these animals as well. There used to be an old horse in the field next to my Great Aunt Orabel's house up on the mountain back home. We kids always fed him apples when we would go to visit.

  3. Susie, I found you at last. Life is good for you.
    Gaz xxxxx