Sunday, 25 January 2009

Oh the Anticipation!

I can get so excited over the really mundane things in life. My collegues at work arrive in lovely clothes and talk of exotic travel, shopping trips and thier social life. I like having new clothes and the occasional holiday. Truth told, I like to nest. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in one of the big comfey chairs in the kitchen and talking to my husband or a friend, hot cup of brew in hand. I love the smell of my house and its energy. I love knowing that I can just go out my back door and pick fresh herbs from the garden. My husband is the king of roosting. He likes spending his time at home too, puttering about and making up his own agenda which is no agenda at all. Who can blame him? He lives his work life by a tight schedule. It must be so very healing for him to come home and just chill and do only what he wants when he wants. I won't deny him this. If there is a problem that needs sorted he is right there and doing it well, so I think his own time should be just that . . . his own.

So it comes to no surprise that my husband and I have decided to keep chickens. For Christmas I wasn't given jewelry, perfume, or clothes. I was gifted with books on keeping chickens. I guess most women would have thrown the books back at their husband, but I was thrilled. I've read all of them through now three times. I've also started keeping a file of information from the Net that my husband warmly teases me about, asking if I have finished filing everything in categories. I didn't dare confess that I was planning on doing just that next weekend!

This is the hen house above. It is half built for easy transport. We are going to double the size of the run before adding the chickens. Right now it is in the garage, but you can see that it started its life in the middle of our lounge. We are going to go over to B&Q in a little while to check out their welded wire mesh to put under the sod under the coop. No Mr. Fox for our girls! I was leary that my husband might not be as enthusiastic about this new little venture, but today he said he didn't want to get the chickens just yet as this was prime weather for red mites. Wow! He's been doing his homework too!

Until all the prep has been completed, there will be little projects every weekend. It's so mundane, but so very rewarding to prepare to bring some new lives into our world. These girls aren't "child substitutes". We've both raised our families. They are just alittle more brightness and abundance to share.

So it's off to B&Q we go! I could spend the whole entire day in that store!

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  1. Oh Susie, I have wanted some hens for a long time now. We had laying hens, well my ex and I, way back in Canada, seems like a whole lifetime ago now! I adored them. They are a lot of fun and will add a great deal of joy to your life. How is Willow doing? I think about her often! XXOO