Wednesday, 28 January 2009

One of Life's Little Mysteries Solved

The other day I was wondering around our back garden hoping to see some bulbs popping up and the very earliest signs of Spring about. Ah yes, I discovered a huge mole pile right in the midst of where all of my bulbs were planted. I know he doesn’t eat them. But he DOES disturb the subsoil enough that the bulbs don’t have a fighting chance. Sigh.

But then I encountered the most amazing sight! My rosemary bush was in full bloom! Brilliant bluish-purple flowers just smothered the bush – in the middle of January, in a winter that could be described as anything but mild. Well, the big question is WHY? There are no insects about to pollinate, the days are short and dark, and goodness knows the weather has been foul and cold. What purpose could this profuse blooming possibly be for?

I came into the kitchen and made a nice hot cuppa and went straight for my favourite big soft chair next to the radiator. It faces out the back glass sliding door into the garden. The whole wall seems to be glass. I could hear the Blue Tits tittering away to each other and soon saw them flittering into our back garden. Oh, they just love the nut feeder we have out for them there. They always drop one nut on the ground and take one to bash on the fence. I took a sip of coffee and smiled to myself in anticipation. What?? No trip to the nut feeder? What are they doing on the rosemary bush? I stood up and went to the door to get a better look. They were eating the blossoms! Relishing them, more like it! Stuffing themselves, chittering with their mouths full, and loving every second of it! I was so very humbled.

The purpose of life and the way of the seasons all go in harmony. I never dreamed that the humble Rosemary plant would bloom in the dead of winter to provide sustenance to Blue Tits. And what a sight to behold! So, I too, was blessed that day, watching the whole scenario unfold. One of life’s little mysteries explained in such a delightful way!


  1. Like you Susie I love to watch the birds ~ and I enjoyed your description of them visiting your garden ~ How lovely that your Rosemary Plant was covered in blossom ~ and the Bluetits relished eating them ~ I have never seen that but it sounds lovely ~ Ally x

  2. How wonderful Susie! We had an old rosemary bush that we dug out last summer, it was so horrid and overgrown and quite unsightly. I must get Todd to replace it this year. We have a lot of birds in our garden and I am sure they have missed it this year!