Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Moon

Yesterday was the beginning of the New Moon which means that the whole surface of the moon is in darkness. The moon surface that we see will continue to grow until it reaches a full moon. This process is called a Waxing Moon. I love this time of the month because it is a time when I concentrate on manifesting wonderful new goodness in my life. It is the time of month for new beginnings, love, romance, good health and job hunting. I think of beginnings, birth, emergence, and clarity. It is the time in the cycle of the month that I concentrate on taking new actions. The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings.
It’s so easy this time of year because the ewes are in lamb, the birds are singing, staking out their territory, and spring flowers are starting to bloom. It is a precious bonus that I am honoured to experience and cherish deeply. This life that I have been given on the earth is so full of beauty and hope. I only need to be quiet and centred to bring it to full realisation. I pray that I will always be aware and grateful of the changing cycles of the earth.


  1. Beautiful post Suzie. I love this time of year as well, so full of promise and new beginnings. I'm so glad that you are posting again. I really missed your words when you were not!

  2. What a lovely post Susie ~ I love the thought of it being a new beginning and a promise of good things to come ~ I shall study the moon with a better understanding of the "Waxing Moon" ~ I had not heard that description of it before ~ Ally x

  3. Well darn...It was one of the rare cloudy days here yesterday and last night and today. I love the moon. And anything in nature. Love your blog.