Sunday, 8 February 2009

Of Chaos and Serenity

Sometimes a glass is half full or half empty, but there are those occasions that it is shaken! That's my life right now. I bought a little pot of purple hyacinths for £2.50 at B&Q last week and they decided to be in full bloom over the weekend. I so needed to be able to smell their fragrance and know that spring is truly on its way. The scent reminds me of long ago trips to Phipps Conservatory back when I was a little girl on Easter morning. It was a huge place with banana trees and rooms full of exotic plants, but at Easter, it had an extraordinary display of spring flowers all set in real life displays complete with waterfalls, ponds and even a mill wheel. As soon as we would trudge through the snow in our Easter finery into the heavy heat of the building the scent of Spring would hit. That hyacinth in my kitchen just does that for me now.

That said, our cooker of only three years made a spectacular exit from this mortal coil on Friday night. I opened the oven door to pop in some chips and BANG! FLASH! ZZZZZZZZ! Silence. So now it is sitting there taking up space and totally useless. It blew every fuse it was connected to in one way or another and in fact fried them. We pulled the beast out and found that there is a gas connection behind it. AHA! As soon as Edwin gets paid we are going to have a gas fitter come in and sort that out and then we are buying a gas cooker. I believe they run for ever and a day. Live and learn.

Today we went down to Iceland and bought a bunch of frozen microwave food. Never a dull moment. And still, the hyacinth fills the house with that beautiful scent. Yes indeed, this glass has definitely been shaken.


  1. Susie sorry you cooker blew a gasket ~ we had the very same thing happen here but ours caught fire it had 0nly been in for a day :o( ~ we don't have gas here wish we did I would not hesitate to get a gas cooker ~
    There just isn't anything as lovely as the perfume of Hyacinths ~ Ally x

  2. You can't beat a gas cooker. My first ever cooker was electric and I hated it. Strangely I can't remember what happened to it. We moved house I think. I have a downer these days on fan assisted ovens. No thank you very much!

    I think I'm going to shop at Iceland. I found a huge grub or something in a bag of frozen cabbage from Farmfoods so I won't be shopping there again.

    Good thing you had that hyacinth to keep everything in perspective!!

    love, Angie, xx