Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Perils of Brilliance

All this fluff and bother over a few chickens! They aren’t even arriving for another two months! Aaaaahhhhh! This morning Edwin and I got into a “discussion” over their home again. We have a lovely, but small, integrated house and run for them. I think the space in the run needs doubled. Edwin has been inspired to think of a diabolical alternative. Brilliant, but twisted. The man just can’t be asked to add a simple run onto what we have now. As much as it grieves me to admit it, his weird idea is wonderful, if not slightly flawed.

We have one of those small garages in our back garden that was built only because the government at one point deemed that every house here needed a garage. The driveway leading to it past the garden gate is so narrow that one could possibly squeeze a Mini in there with a lot of finesse. It has one of those pop-up doors that has home-made concrete blocks as ballasts. You can see what’s coming, can’t you?

Ah yes, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when he cocked his head sideways and said, “I’ve been thinking” as he gazed out at the garage. All of us that raise a few hens as pets would like to have them as free range as possible during the day. And on this point, Edwin and I are in complete agreement. So when he suggested that we just “open the garage door during the day”, I immediately wondered where this was going. I swear I could hear the theme tune from Jaws in the background!

So now the chickens will be let out when we get up in the morning (from their lovely little integrated home with all the luxuries they could possibly ask for), into the small back garden. The garage door will be put up and they will have that also to roam around in if it rains, gets too hot, or they just get bored. Now I’ve been reading non-stop about raising chickens and I can just predict that those birds will make a beeline for that garage and lay their eggs in there, poo everywhere and not want to leave to go back to their luxury flat. I can see it coming. Oh yes.
And then the ultimate toad escaped my mouth. “I can cut down that big box I brought home from work and put some bedding in it, in case one of them wants to lay an egg in the garage.” Did I just say that? The diabolical light brightened in my husband’s eyes and he added, “Yes, sweetie, and I was thinking about that one ladder I have out there. They would love climbing on it.” I picked up on the energy and away we went. Planning and scheming together, thoughts clicking and synchronising, and before I knew it, the luxury digs would be used in the winter only and for sick or broody hens. The garage will be turned into the chicken house. No thoughts of rats, poo, bedding, mind you, we did discuss the red mites though and the lack of them as there wouldn’t be any wood, etc. for them to hide up in.

What my brilliant husband hasn’t realised is the reason why I suddenly spit out that toad and was totally on board with him . I can have a helluva lot more chickens in the garage that in that luxury flat! Deary me, he left himself wide open for that one. I think when we go to pick up the chickens I better take an extra transport box . One never knows!


  1. Oh deary me, Susie, that's statement that strikes instant terror in my heart to and Keith is always saying it: "I've been thinking.....". Trouble is, he is usually right and no matter how I protest, it IS going to mean loosening my vice-like grip on the pursestrings!

    I like this chicken rearing idea of yours. Though I can't say I fancy it myself, I wish I knew someone who did and kept me supplied with eggs. It IS just the eggs is it?

    love and Happy Sunday
    Angie, xx

  2. Susie what a brilliant idea to use the Garage for the chickens ~ you could maybe get a dozen or so in there :O) Just think of all those lovely eggs ~ Happy Sunday to you ~ Ally x

  3. I go along with Ally's comment Susie on this one.Go on I would take more than an extra transport box LOL!! Cluck Cluck .1 doz ordered already Mmmm.( FRESH CHUCKY EGGS ) Love the thought He-He .Take Care Gods Bless Kath xx

  4. Hi Susie, it's Linda, I saw you on Ally's blog! I really enjoyed reading about you and Edwin plotting! Especially the last paragraph, Edwin hasn't clicked yet has he! he he! nice one! big hugs, good to 'see' you again, Linda x x