Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Balance

There’s so many contrasts in life. For months now, Edwin and I have been preparing for the arrival of our chicken in two weeks’ time. I’ve read books en nausium, been frequenting forums nightly on chickens, but the most striking information came from one of my neighbours from our estate. He lives on the other side of the estate but we are friends through his seven greyhounds and his back garden chickens. We stopped to talk last Saturday as I was coming back from the butcher’s and he was peddling by ready to do his shopping.
One of his chickens was taken by a fox. The fox dug under two foot of wire mesh that he had put in the ground around his hen house. Then he proceeded to tell me that three of his neighbours’ cats have been killed by a fox within the last few weeks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he told me that the gentleman that lives across the street from him heard an awful fuss in his front garden and went out to find his cat up against the brick wall of his house with two cubs trying to kill it. This was very unnerving and I pondering this new information for the rest of the day. But then the most chilling of all news came from a woman that I once worked with that I saw at B&Q last Sunday. She asked me if I got my chickens yet and said that hers were fine so far, BUT one of her neighbours lost a cat to a fox and the *&^% thing bit the cat’s head off! She lives in our estate too quite a ways away from my other friend. Edwin and I spent all of this past Sunday shoring up the hen house and run. We’ve moved the whole lot onto concrete so there won’t be any digging by foxes. Very concerned now.
Then there’s the other side of this life. I walked down to see “my boyfriend” and his mates yesterday with my carrots. The two young ones were way in the back of the pasture and there was my handsome boy waiting by the fence for me. I haven’t been at the office for four days and so there hadn’t been any carrots for quite a while. That dear gentle soul came softly up to me and took the carrot and then stuck his soft nose gently out for me to kiss it. Bless. Ah yes, and I almost did it until I saw the tick on it! LOL! Maybe next time. I just adore that old boy. He is my heart. The only competition Edwin has!
It’s moments like that, that remind me that there is a balance in life and nature. There must be dark and light, pain and bliss. The world is not a healthy place without both.


  1. Susie it would be awful to have one of your chickens taken by a fox ~ Makes sense having the run on top of concrete ~ I can well imagine you would be in love with your "Handsome Boy" I too love horses ~ they are such beautiful creatures ~ Ally x~

  2. Hi Susie,

    You can only make the hen house as secure as possible. They say foxes are the only only animals that kill for the sake of it. I know someone who had rabbits and came home one day to find them all dead. The fox didn`t bother to eat even one!

    Love Sandra xxxx

  3. Fox can be a manace Susie.I do hppe your chickens will be safe when you get them.It must have been a nightmare for all your friends to find there pets savaged like this.I love horses too.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  4. Foxes are horrible things. We have a lot here where I live because we are so rural. One reason we don't dare have any chickens. My heart would break in two. Sounds like you and Edwin are making really good preparations for your hens and taking all the precautions you can.! You must be getting so excited, not long now!!

  5. Odd you should talk about this because Keith and I were only yesterday discussing the pros and cons of putting out uneaten dog food for the hedgehogs, of which we get quite a few. Being in town we don't get foxes but we do see stray dogs which could do as much harm I suppose. At least scare the poor little Tiggywinkles to death. We decided the dog food should go in the bin!

    Good luck with the chickens. INNIT 'CITIN!!

    love, Angie, xx