Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Great Chicken Run

I thought I would share this wonderful story with you now that it is complete. I am an avid participant in The Allotment site. It has two chicken forums, and I am forever on those too! At the beginning of the month, one of the people on the forum needed to rehome two of her Bantam roosters. She lives in Devon. There was a person on the forum from all the way up in Darlington that said that he would be glad to take the roosters. How to get them all that way as it is too far for the chickens to travel in one go without being stressed? Members started to pipe up saying, " I can get them as far as such and such." Then someone in that town said, "I’ll keep them for a few days and then take them as far as such and such." and before we knew it, The Great Chicken Run was created. I believe there were about six different families that pulled together to get these chickens safely to their new home.
So here is the web address for the forum:
When you get on that page, look for the topic "Chicken Run Start Today?" It is wonderful to follow the chickens’ progress and how excited everyone was! The pictures I have here are of the roosters, William and Anri Paul. The picture is of them in their carrying crate. It is one of those stories that is as delicious as a cup of hot chocolate! Enjoy!


  1. How facinating Susie! It sounds like a wonderful forum of caring people!

  2. There are some kind and caring people in the world! When is it that your 'kids' arrive?

    love, Angie, xx

  3. Susie arn't some people kind ~ I loved the story of those people getting together to get those chickens to their new home ~ when Dick was alive we always kept Chickens I loved going down the garden to collect the eggs :o) ~ Ally x