Saturday, 4 April 2009

Our New Hens Are Here

We went to get our chickens on Saturday at The Hen House in Eye. So many kinds of chickens and so many choices! We came away with a Light Sussex, a Black Rock, a Cou Cou Maran, and a Calder Ranger. We named them Atilla the Hen (Tilly), HENrietta, Harriet, and RePECKa. The lady we bought them from was very impressed with our knowledge and was in awe of the box we brought with us to bring them home. We were so confident and excited. The hens didn’t make a peep all the way home. We put them straight into their house and closed the door. They did a lot of churring and looking out the window and pooing!
After two hours we let them out and it took them awhile to come down the ramp and explore. But once they started, they did all the things that happy chickens do. They scrabbed, sun bathed, ate themselves stupid, drank lots of water and ate grit. They were very quiet and then Repecka had a bit of a peck at the others. I think it is safe to say she is the Amazon of the lot.
We started to worry about them going back inside to bed when it turned 8:00. But then they started to churr at each other and then, one by one, off they went back into the hen house. They called for Tilly when she decided that she wasn’t ready to go to bed yet.
So now they are locked up securely in their house for the night and we are hoping they will remain safe through the night.


  1. How wonderful Susie! I am looking forward to hearing more tales about your "girls!" I know this has been your dream for quite a while and it's nice to see it finally coming true for you!

  2. Susie I love your sense of humour with the Names you have given your girls ~ they are all brilliant ~ I really am looking forward to knowing how they all get along together and when you have your first egg ~ Lovely entry ~
    I remember that book you read as a child ~ didn't she say "No one wanted to help me bake it so I will eat it myself" :o) Ally x