Monday, 6 April 2009

Repecka Lays Her First Egg

Repecka has been really busy all day Sunday and this morning going from one hen house to the other into the nest boxes and back out again. This morning, she spent almost all morning intently doing this. She finally settled in one and I heard alot of shuffling about. An hour later I heard loud shrill clucking and crowing and I thought, "Oh no! It must be a fox or cat attacking the hens!". I bolted out to find her in the middle of the run with all the other hens around her, telling the world, and believe me, it was the WHOLE world that she had layed her first egg! She was excited as I was! We celebrated with a handful of cracked corn all the way around, and she finally quit screaming about what she did. It's a tiny egg, but perfectly formed, warm and clean as a whistle. Bless. She seems to be relieved that it all is over for now. She's gone back to dominating the other hens and stuffing herself stupid with the big head of broccoli that I have hanging in the run for them. I don't imagine we will get an egg a day, which is a good thing considering how she screams to tell the world! LOL!